Step 1: Establish Your Employee's Knowledge Baseline ...

Whether you're training a Manager, Bartender or Server, take 15 minutes and establish your employee's knowledge baseline with a quick pre-test... (click the image to view a sample quiz)

Step 2: Review the Category Basics ...

Teach or refresh each employee on Category Basics like what defines the spirit or wine character, what is it made of, what are the leading styles, and what makes it unique. (click the video below to view a sample "Basics" course overview or click here to view the full course)

Step 3: Explain How It's Made ... Teach How It Tastes ...

Understanding how a spirit, wine or beer is made is the best way to understand why a product tastes the way it does. Explore our immersive Tequila production model by clicking the image below (for Computer & Tablet users)

Step 4: Put It All Together with a Review of the Leading Brands ...

Now, take their new knowledge of Category Basics and bring it full circle with a review of leading brands, how each fits into the Category, highlighting basic production differences. Click below to view the brief video.

Step 5: Evaluate with a Final Test ...

Complete the process with a brief final exam. For those who do not pass, it's easy to have them retake the course. For those that do pass, compare to their pre-test score to measure their improvement in understanding.

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Next month, we feature American Whiskey - just in time for the Fall Whiskey selling season.


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