Harassment in the Hospitality Workplace

This Program serves the growing needs of Hospitality Businesses to protect themselves and train their employees to prevent Workplace Harassment. Our expert-created Toolbox includes everything you need to meet best-in-class industry standards starting on day one. Get protection & peace of mind with this new program starting at just $495. Request a FREE Preview today!

A Best-in-Class Toolbox to Get the Job Done Right,
Exclusively for Hospitality Employers

Sample Policy Statement

Get started with our Draft Harassment Policy Statement for your Handbook. This draft Policy has been crafted to provide employee guidance consistent with all State & Federal employment laws. Just review and fill in your company information.

Live Training Platform

Select a Presenter and schedule a Live Training using our Presentation site to teach the rules on Harassment. Just attach a laptop, connect to the internet, and you are ready to present. The Course leads you screen by screen with visual and audio cues. The format includes videos, interactive and discussion modules, as well as a flashcard review and practice test.

Certification Testing

Choose to have employees take their Final Test in written form or using our online Test Taker Site with their smart phones or other computer device. The online test records your results in a report we email to you.

'Quick Start' Online Training

Most organizations elect to conduct a formal class on Harassment once a year. For employees hired before the next training, our program includes an optional ‘quick start’ online training to protect you from day one.

Free Professional HR Consultation

This is an exclusive benefit from LIQUID-U: our HR/Legal professional will provide you a one hour FREE consultation to answer all your questions about implementing a Workplace Harassment program - from your Policy to your internal complaint procedure. After, you may engage with our professional on an hourly basis at a special discounted rate for true peace of mind.